Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the gym co-ed? 
A. Yes it is. We have female and male members.




Q. Do I have to fight anyone to be in the gym? 
A. No. Many members do not go into the ring and spar. Sparring is not a requirement to get a good workout. Sparring is optional and is done only under the supervision of a trainer.

Q. What equipment do I need? 
A. For first timers, nothing everything is provided. If you decided to continue training you will need to purchase your own wraps. Hand wraps and gloves  can be bought at the gym.


Q. How old do you have to be? 
A. We do not have any age restrictions. We have members who are pre-teens and members in their fifties.

Q. What do I have to wear? 
A. Whatever you are comfortable training in. What you would wear if you went for a run or  to do a circuit at gym.