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Topbox, is a well established venue for fitness training. Individuals or groups can train with a championship staff to meet their fitness goals.

The boxer's workout is said to be the most demanding workout of them all! Professional boxing training is thought to be for boxing professionals . . . but not any more!

When properly trained and supervised, boxing can be an extremely beneficial experience. It can be used as a vehicle to instruct in sportsmanship, values of conditioning, positive release of frustrations and energies, in addition to building self-confidence and character.

Topbox is a superior workout which will develop invaluable self-defense skills. A boxing workout is the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscle training.

You will burn more calories, build more stamina, develop and tone more muscle in a boxing workout than you will with any other training method.

In this new age of fitness we are all looking for new things to excite us about working out.

Topbox is the perfect workout for whatever your goals may be

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  • Important Self-Defense Techniques
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